Leftover Chicken 3 Ways

One of the best ways to get a quick, delicious meal on the table on weeknights is to reinvent leftovers!

Gameday Pizza and Wings- BBQ Chicken Pizza Toppings

Today I’m rounding up 3 of my favorite recipes that use leftover chicken, so you can get dinner done in record time! (without the “leftovers? again?” attitude!) So dig that tupperware out of the fridge and let’s get started!

  1. Skinny Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps

Mix up a batch of our Skinny Chicken Salad and serve with lettuce cups for a quick, healthy dinner! Click HERE for the recipe!

skinny chicken salad

Little ones or hubby aren’t on board with lettuce wraps?  You could also serve it sandwich-style on some toasted bread, or in a tortilla for something a little different! BONUS: This is a great grab and go lunch for work the next day, too!

2. BBQ Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Our BBQ Stuffed Sweet Potatoes are a family favorite and are a breeze to make.  Get the recipe HERE.

bbq stuffed sweet potatoes

We normally serve these with a side salad, but use the opportunity to clean out the fridge and serve with whatever leftover or fresh veggies you have on hand!

3. BBQ Chicken Pizza

One of the most impressive ways to reinvent your leftover chicken is in pizza form… and it’s one of the most popular, too! Our BBQ Chicken Pizza will have you wishing every night was leftover night! Get the recipe HERE.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

In a hurry? Opt for a premade grocery store crust to cut down on cooking time!

Hopefully these tasty reinventions have you feeling like a dinner superhero at the end of the night! When I get that little smile from the high chair, I know that’s how I feel! 🙂

Gameday Pizza and Wings- Baby's First Pizza

We hope you enjoy!


Hunter and Mama

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