Green Protein Smoothie

Like everyone, we’ve been trying to make a conscious effort at our house to eat healthier.  We are really pretty successful at it most of the time, but last week was a tough one!

With all three of us sick, we got by on takeout and anything quick and easy… it’s called SURVIVAL MODE! Thankfully, we were all feeling a little more human by Sunday, just in time for some healthy meal prep for the week.Green Smoothie-with logo

Hunter and I put together a few things so that we could start the week off right, including our favorite Green Protein Smoothie. These smoothies are so easy to prep, and we put them in the fridge overnight and blend them before we leave the house in the morning.

Full serving each of fruit, veggies and protein to go… and it makes the mornings a breeze!

I use a vanilla flavored protein powder, it helps to make the overall flavor not so…. green (if you’ve tried and failed at green smoothies before, you know what I mean!) You could use a different flavor, but then you’ll want to be a little more mindful of the fruits you choose to put in (for example: cookies and cream flavor doesn’t mix well with oranges!) I also use vanilla almond milk, but you could use regular almond milk, coconut milk, or even juice if you prefer. You really just need some liquid to get everything moving in the blender.Green Protein Smoothie- add almond milk

You can use fresh or frozen fruit, whatever you have on hand! This week we had some clementines and raspberries to use up, along with some frozen fruit I keep on hand to add up to 1 cup.Green Protein Smoothie- 1 cup fruit


We use spinach in these, it’s what we have on hand most often at our house.  1 cup just loosely packed (about one good handful) is just right.

Green Protein Smoothie- 1 cup spinach

Green Protein Smoothie

1 Cup Fruit (fresh or frozen)

1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder

1 Cup Spinach (loosely packed)    

1/4 Cup Almond Milk (or more if you like a thinner consistency)

Combine all ingredients in blender. Store overnight in fridge if desired.  Blend thoroughly before enjoying! 

Note: I make sure the spinach is next to the blade when I’m packing everything in (nobody wants big spinach chunks in their drink!) I also make sure the protein powder is the middle layer if I’m storing it overnight, it prevents the powder from getting gummy and sticking to the container.

Hope you enjoy!


Hunter and Mama